Welcome to Alpha Aviation:

a) Aviation consultancy.
b) Sourcing of the best school at a 10% discount for Piloting. Save up to 400,000 ksh on your pilot training with our allied schools.
c) By 2023 January, Alpha Aviation will have full accreditation for ATO and our students will be transferred to Alpha Aviation at an even better package.
d) January 2023, Alpha will provide career financing options.
e) Students enrolling with Alpha will not only get the best rates but also flexible payment options tailor made to suit your finances.
 Expedited pilot training programs and reduce your pilot training duration by 30%.
 Help them source for jobs and attachments both Local and International airlines.
 Track the performance of each student.
f) Affiliated with Airlines both Local and International (DAC Aviation, Brent Aviation, Trident Aviation, Oman Air, Salalah Air & Salaam Air among the few)
g) Aircraft leasing – We also lease our S Type C 172 to our affiliated ATOs and we are able to get these discounts that we extend to our clients due to this. And furthermore, have a bargaining power to push for priorities of our member students.
h) Aviation bridging courses for those cadets with lower grades ie. Lower than C+ in their KCSE Secondary examinations. (Minimum entry grade)
i) We teach IATA Airline Cabin Crew.