This course is same as for IR SEP training, except that this course  is based on flying multi-engine aircrafts. Practical part of trainings is held on  two engine piston airplane equipped with deicing system and a stormscope.

KCAA Multi-IR Training Requirements:

for SEP IR (Single engine Propeller Instrument Riles) license holder:

  • MEP rating

for pilots without IR qualification:

  • Completion of the required classroom training, or having passed all ATPL exams
  • Medical Certificate Class 1 or Class 2. Class 2 certificate holders must also pass an audiometric examination
  • Night Qualification rating
  • Having passed the IFR Communications exam in English
  • Minimum 50 hours cross-country flight experience as Pilot-In-Command (PIC)


For pilots who already have an SEP IR and an MEP ratings short conversion course consisting of 5 flight hours is needed.
For pilots who do not have a SEP IR rating and who decided to get IR training on a multi-engine airplane, training course consisting of 35 hours in a flight simulator (30 hours for CPL holders) and 20 hours on multi engine is recommended. The advantage of this course is when compared to an SEP IR is that you get more practical experience on multi-engine aircraft and you can skip the SEP IR skills test. During trainings you will perform flights in controlled zones, landings on controlled local and international airports.