Alpha Aviation offers The Private Pilot License training. Private Pilot License (PPL) as is the internationally recognized training that allows students to obtain the foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training. As a Private Pilot, you will be able fly an airplane day and night and carry passengers (friends, family, co-workers, etc.). The Private Pilot License training is your foundation course on a pathway to a Commercial Pilot’s License.

KCAA Private Pilot License Requirements:

  • Not be less than 17 years for aeroplanes and helicopters or 16 years for a glider/balloon;
  • Have passed the knowledge test;
  • Have passed the practical (skill) test in the class rating sought; either single or multi-engine (a Group A or B).
  • Have met the minimum experience required for the Licence and rating sought in compliance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing) Regulations;
  • Be a holder of a Class 2 Medical Certificate from a designated medical examiner;
  • Have met the requirements of the English language proficiency under the Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing ) Regulations; and
  • Have met the requirements of the Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing) Regulations (Class Rating) and should have demonstrated the PPL knowledge on the basis of the requirements listed for a PPL practical test, when an applicant is seeking a multi-engine rating .